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National Car Shipping INC is a nationwide auto shipping company that specializes in driveway to driveway transport of any car, truck, motorcycle or boat. If you can drive it than we can ship it on any of our state of the art 9 car carriers or enclosed transporters for any luxury or classic car. Cut out the broker and speak with your actual driver today. Our car carriers can pick up any car within 72 hours of booking your order. We have over 6000 car carriers going in and out of every state on a weekly basis. Shipping a car to another state is easy when you can cut out the middle man and go with a reliable carrier. Our headquarters is based in Coconut Creek Florida so you can speak with one of our local agents 7 days a week. 

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Car Shipping Rates

When it comes to shipping a car, there are a couple options from which to choose. More specifically, you can pick between an open car hauler or enclosed auto transport. Open car transport is perfect for anyone looking for a more affordable shipping option, but if you own classic or luxury cars, then the extra cost for enclosed is well worth it. Today we will discuss the enclosed auto transport for classic and luxury cars option in more detail. 

What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

This is a form of auto transport that offers the best protection for vehicles. Rather than being loaded onto a flatbed or traditional open car hauler, these cars are loaded onto an enclosed trailer to protect them from road debris and weather elements. 

Everything You Need To Know About Enclosed Auto Transport

You probably have some questions, so we’re going to try to cover everything you need to know about this form of transport. 

What Types Of Vehicles Are Suitable For Enclosed Transport?

While most types of vehicles are suitable for enclosed transport, it’s commonly used for cars that are worth a lot of money. 

Here are some common examples of vehicles transported with this method: 

  • New vehicles headed to the dealership
  • Luxury cars
  • Race cars
  • Exotic sports cars
  • Stockcars
  • Off-road trucks
  • Limousines
  • Classic muscle cars
  • Military vehicles

What Are The Benefits of Enclosed Auto Transport?

The most obvious reason to choose enclosed auto transport is that closed trailers offer a lot more protection during the shipping process. As you would guess, open haulers leave your car vulnerable to factors such as vandalism, harsh weather, and other road hazards. The other added bonus is that the transport driver is the only other person who will know your car is inside. This helps not only reduce the risk of vandalism but also theft. 

Enclosed Transport Protects Against Environmental Issues

When your classic or luxury car is being shipped to a region with less-than-perfect weather, this type of transport protects your investment the most. If you think your vehicle may be vulnerable to harsh weather, then paying a little more for the shipment is worth it. 

Cars being shipped across the country commonly encounter weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow, ice, and even dust. The last thing you want is for an expensive or unique vehicle to arrive at its destination covered with mud, scratches, or dents. While many transport providers have systems in place when damages occur, it can take time for repairs to some types of rare or expensive vehicles. 

Enclosed Transport Protects Against Theft And Vandalism

Even though vandalism rarely occurs when having a vehicle transported cross country, it’s something that can occur. This is especially true when the car hauler must stop in high-crime areas along the route. Just imagine your exotic car sitting on an exposed trailer overnight in a high-crime city; the mere thought of this is enough to make most classic and luxury car owners cringe. 

On the other hand, it’s always worth noting that certain vehicle delivery terminals have been known spots for vandalism and theft. So, this is a great reason to also request home-delivery services for auto transport. 

You May Be Eligible For Priority Service Handling

There are some circumstances when priority vehicle shipment is available. This occurs when a transport company takes a complete approach to protect and expedite the shipment of your vehicle. Your car will be transported in an enclosed trailer with faster delivery times when this option is available. 

Though this service usually costs an additional fee, it can be worth it if you need the vehicle at the destination quicker. Just keep in mind that while this is a fantastic service, it’s not always available, especially around busy times of the year such as holidays. 

Enclosed Auto Transport May Offer Better Insurance Options

Some auto transport companies offer vehicle owners with increased insurance options, especially if they are shipping an expensive car with an enclosed trailer. In place of traditional coverage, some companies offer better insurance as a way to make this form of transportation more appealing for owners. 

So, when hiring a transport company, always be sure to inquire about available insurance options or other bonuses offered with a more expensive shipment plan. 

What’s The Price Difference For Enclosed Auto Transport?

While every company is different, enclosed auto transport usually costs between $500 and $1,000 more than shipping your car with a flatbed or traditional nine-car hauler. It’s always best to call and discuss pricing options because factors such as distance and car value play a role in the cost. We run routes to and from every state in the country. To see our most recent open car shipping rates go to our Nationwide Shipping Routes page.

Enclosed Auto Transport Rates

2021 Mercedes S500 Florida to California Via Enclosed Transport for $2400

2022 BMW M760 from Florida to New York Via Enclosed Transport for $1700

2016 Maybach S600 from Georgia to Las Vegas Nevada Via Enclosed Transport for $2300

2018 Mercedes G Wagon from Seattle Washington to Los Angeles Via Enclosed Transport for $1700

In the end, if you own a classic, luxury, or unique car, then enclosed auto transport is the way to go. It will provide you with peace of mind knowing your vehicle will make it to the final destination free of damage and look just as it did the last time you saw it. 



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