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National Car Shipping INC is a nationwide auto shipping company that specializes in driveway to driveway transport of any car, truck, motorcycle or boat. If you can drive it than we can ship it on any of our state of the art 9 car carriers or enclosed transporters for any luxury or classic car. Cut out the broker and speak with your actual driver today. Our car carriers can pick up any car within 72 hours of booking your order. We have over 6000 car carriers going in and out of every state on a weekly basis. Shipping a car to another state is easy when you can cut out the middle man and go with a reliable carrier. Our headquarters is based in Coconut Creek Florida so you can speak with one of our local agents 7 days a week. 

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Like a newborn tucked safely in his mom’s arms, you want the ultimate protection for your classic car. And when you’re talking about vintage and exclusive models, it’s that much more critical that every little detail is considered. Classic and luxury car transport is an auto transport service that’s specially designed for those who own valuable automobiles such as classics, exotics, high-end luxury, or sports cars. This is a premium service that provides extra protection for your vehicle and complete peace of mind. 

Whether your Bugatti or Lamborghini is traveling a short distance to attend an event or car show, or you’re relocating across the country, you need a reputable enclosed auto transport specialist to help. For over twenty years, National Car Shipping INC has been in business, and we offer the best classic and luxury car transport services around. 

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Classic And Luxury Car Transport Services

It’s common for owners and auctioneers dealing in classic and custom cars to move them from one race or car show to another. And they rely on reputable auto transport companies that will get their vehicle from one location to the other safely. We also offer discounts for bulk shipments! Even if you have a last-minute request, National Car Shipping INC offers fast transport services to and from all locales in the United States.

Yet, it doesn’t matter which company you choose, just be sure to pick one that offers enclosed auto transport. Enclosed trailers provide the highest levels of protection from unexpected occurrences such as rock chips, hail, and other debris encountered during the trip. While loading your car onto an open-air hauler is more accessible and cheaper, it’s not suggested for owners of classic or luxury vehicles. 

And most owners know this, as it’s estimated that nearly ninety percent of custom and classic car owners choose enclosed shipping over open-air every time, regardless of the cost. So, whether you purchased your dream car from eBay, are headed to a car show, or are a snowbird looking for warm weather, you can trust that we’ll deliver your classic or luxury car in the same condition that we picked it up. 

What Is The Cost For Classic And Luxury Car Transport?

The cost for this type of auto transport will vary. You may find rates as low as $1.50 per mile and as high as $3 per mile. The cost will vary depending on the distance traveled and how much the specific carrier charges for enclosed auto transport. 

This cost can vary if you’re willing to load your classic car onto an open carrier. However, most owners don’t want their ultra-high-end cars exposed to dirt, rain, or sun during the trip. And most carriers don’t like the idea of this either. For this reason, anytime a car is worth over $70,000, as most classic and luxury vehicles are, we strongly suggest only white-glove level enclosed transport services. 

Enclosed trailers carry between two and six cars at a time, and the drivers are skilled in loading and securing expensive vehicles, even if they have special equipment or extra tires. Our shipments are all fully insured for the vehicle’s value, along with every other vehicle on the trailer. If you’d like a personalized price quote for classic and luxury car transport, please call one of our customer service agents for assistance. 

How Long Does Classic And Luxury Car Transport Take?

Classic and luxury auto transport can take anywhere from one to five days or more, depending on where your car is picked up and dropped off. Drivers usually travel an average of 500 miles per day, so a 3,000-mile transport may take between six and nine days to arrive. 

Generally speaking, the pickup date for this service is between two and seven business days once the order is placed, and then the shipment usually begins within one to three days. If you need the delivery in a hurry ask about express luxury car transport. Though this service is nearly 30% more expensive, it provides the guarantee that your vehicle will be delivered on time. Still, we do not comprise our high levels of service with speed, but we generally arrange for shipment pickup within one to three days of the order being placed when there’s a rush.

In the end, the most important thing is that you choose a reputable auto transport company to handle your classic or luxury car. At National Car Transportation, we have the experience and know-how to get your valuable vehicle from one place to another in the same condition in which you left it. 


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